The Value of a Bookkeeper

What is a Bookkeeper and why do you need one? A Bookkeeper is an Accounting Professional responsible for maintaining a detailed record of sales, expenses, assets and financial records. 


 Your time is valuable when running and operating a business. Let someone who is skilled in bookkeeping do the tedious tasks when it comes to your financial transactions. Hiring a Bookkeeper is a fully tax-deductible business expense, so why not have someone else do the leg work while you focus on growing and achieving your business goals. 



Harris Bookkeeping takes the stress away from you as a business owner and allows you to spend your time on what really matters. I will make sure that your financial records are clear and concise and ready for tax time. I am a Virtual Bookkeeping business, which means we don't even have to be located in the same state for us to be partners. 



I offer a 4 Monthly Base packages that include all necessary items to make sure that you as a business owner are up to date on your businesses financial health. Each package includes the following.

> Transaction entry of all incoming and outgoing transactions

> Monthly Reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)

> Bank & Credit Card reconciliation 

Interested and ready to get started? Visit our services page here


If you would rather put all your time and effort into your business and not worry about invoicing your customers, leave it to me. I can generate and email your customers through Quickbooks Online. 


Are you behind on your books? I can bring your books up to date to ensure that come Tax time your Financials are prepared in order to file taxes for the year. 


I am backed by Tax Professionals through my partnership with Halon Tax. That means that as my client you will receive tax preparation at a discounted rate of 50% off! Who doesn't love a good discount?


Not apart of the Quickbooks Online family? No problem, I can help transition your books to Quickbooks and ensure that it is a seamless transition. 

If you need 1 or more of these services, feel free to call or email me today and we can set up a package that is specific to your business needs.


Need a service that you don't see listed above? Feel free to reach out anytime and see what I can do to help your business succeed! 


Phone: 480-721-1563


Mon - Sat: 8am - 6pm

​Sunday: Closed

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